Yul Edochie Reveals Second Wife and Child
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Trending: Yul Edochie Reveals Second Wife and Child

Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie has been trending on Twitter after sharing a photo of his newborn child via his Instagram handle.

Yul Edochie Reveals Second Wife and Child

Yul Edochie posted the photo on Wednesday, revealing the child and its mother, whom Yul referred to as his second wife.

He said, “It’s time for the world to meet my son.


Born by my second wife @judyaustin1

And I love him so much, just as much as I love my other children.

However, the Actor has been married to May Yul-Edochie for more than 17 years and has had 4 children with her.

Nevertheless, Yul has taken a second wife, namely: Judy Austin, a Nollywood actress and has had this child with her.

Yul’s first wife, May, expressed her anger and disappointment at his actions. She replied to his post and said, “May God judge you both”.

Veteran Nollywood actor and legend, Chief Pete Edochie, who is also Yul’s father, has also spoken on the issue. He expressed his disappointment in his son and refused to acknowledge Judy as a member of his family.

Yul Edochie Reveals Second Wife and Child

He said, “Right from when Yul was still a child, he never listened to him.
“I’m not shocked that he has a son without my knowledge. A child that doesn’t listen to his father ends up cutting his or her life span short.

I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never support my son’s actions and as a statesman, I only Recognized his first wife as the only authenticated wife of my son, the rest is banished from entering my household.”

Furthermore, Nigerians have taken to Instagram and Twitter to call out and drag Yul for his polygamy. Also, they hailed negative comments at Judy Austin for going ahead to have a child for Yul as a second wife.

Meanwhile, Yul on Thursday hailed his first wife May, calling her his undisputed number one.

He wrote, “Number one @mayyuledochie. Undisputed.”

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