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Today is World Teachers Day. I bet most people do not give a damn to these people, but, they are silent heroes of society. World teachers day 2019 is a spectacular one as many countries of the world has jointly celebrated teachers in a seemingly exciting way.

You might be wondering what is the importance of world teachers day to us, today? The much you know now are a big part of contributions from various teachers you have come across.

If only, you want your offspring to be like you or better than you. It depends on the quality of teaching given them by their teachers. Now, do you see why we need to celebrate them more. World teachers day 2019 Australia, is the world looking out for. As this people have taken on another dimension in celebrating teachers in their country. Unesco world teachers day is not exceptional. Really, students around the world have composed many world teachers day essay to this celebration. Joint message on the occasion of world teachers day 2018, of course, need re-branding.

Teachers Today( Word Teachers Day)

In as much as some states have just increased the salary of some teachers. It is paramount that the waning level of professionalism in the career be looked at. Teaching professional is getting very low attention from the Government lately. Although, the vibes dignity in labour spur it in many advanced countries. But, the deteriorating level in developing countries is alarming. This is as a result of diversions of attentions from this noble. Pupils who wish to be in this position are discouraged, because of the poor conditions of those practising it. Hence, many who engages in this teaching profession, now have diversified with some other serious businesses. Making teacher job, a side track business.

Also, resource minimization has made so many schools to hire some unqualified teachers too: You can call them quack teachers if you wish.

Having seen the derailing trend in the level of professionalism in teacher. Without wasting much time. Everyone has a role to play to change this trend. Aside, the Government, we all must see this as a very noble profession. A profession that deserves a daily celebration and appreciation for those who love it. There is something good, you know you can do to support teaching professional. Do it.

EXPERIENCES (World Teachers Day)

Though not all completed their education, but in some ways, we all experienced being taught by a teacher.

Some experiences are crazy though. While some had a rough time with their teachers, some others had a very hilarious moment back then.

Nwiwure Barinua Monday, an enthusiast student, narrated,” In my secondary school, my Maths teacher whom we admire and respect so much, could teach all the mathematics jargons from his brain, without missing a point. The funny part is that he normally play with us to the extent of jumping window when he is done with his lesson. No one ever fail mathematics during the time of Mr Gambo.” #Word Teachers Day

Do you have such a hilarious experience? share is with us, let us push these people forward with our little testimonials.

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