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Will Smith’s movies halted amid Oscars controversy

Will Smith’s upcoming movie projects have been put on hold, a week after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the OSCARS.

Netflix’s “Fast and Loose”, Sony’s “Bad Boys 4” and Apple+’s “Emancipation” are among Will’s upcoming movie projects that have now been officially halted.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Emancipation” is reportedly in post-production. It was to be released this year but its fate is now uncertain.

“Emancipation” follows the story of a runaway slave who forges through the swamps of Louisiana on a tortuous journey to escape plantation owners that nearly killed him.

Sony’s “Bad Boys 4”, the fourth instalment to the “Bad Boys” series starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was in active development. Will was reportedly given 40 scripts for his role and was paid a significantly higher amount than co-star Martin Lawrence.

David Leitch dropped out from directing “Fast and Loose” to go direct Universal’s “Fall Guy”. Netflix had put an urgent call for a new director but after the Oscars, it proceeded to shelve the movie.

“Fast and Loose” was to follow the story of a crime boss who lost his memory after an attack. He later discovers he was a CIA agent doubling as a wealthy Kingpin.

Understandably, movie studios are wary of moving forward with movies starring Will. They worry that the Oscar incident may affect any Will Smith movie negatively.

Other movie studios with projects in pre-production starring Will Smith will likely pull away too.

Media analyst Jeff Bock said, “I doubt any big studio or streamer is going to take a chance in signing Will Smith until [Smith’s brand recovers] until that process is underway.”

Hollywood publicist Michael Levine said Smith had “deeply damaged” his career as a result of his actions at the Oscars.

Forbes Magazine box office analyst Scott Mendelson also said Smith had destroyed “a carefully crafted 30-year image of an approachable, harmless and always-on movie star charisma.”

Crisis publicist Howard Bragman showed concern for Smith’s future. He said Smith’s career will now be defined as “‘pre-‘ this moment and ‘after’ this moment.”

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