why people don't like me

This why People Don’t like you

It’s really funny how one can be so depressed that they google,”why people don’t like me”? Trust me that is not funny. So, many persons has committed suicide in the past few months, simply because they feel people don’t like them. I mean thousands of persons; funny enough, the statistics is rising on a daily basis.

Have you consider why people don’t like you lately?!

yeah! yeah! I know, you don’t give a fuck! But, there has to be something you are doing to push this button.


  • When you meet a friend or someone for the first time what are the things you talk about
  • In total how many percent of yourself was discussed compared to that of the person you meet.
  • How many times do you make use of the word “I”
  • Do you always win all arguments
  • Are you the always talking one that never give the other person a chance to pour out some of their frustation
  • Do you always talk , answer questions as you feel
  • Do you always complain or you are fond of making people feel inferior.

Look critically at the above.

Put yourself in the position of the one whom you just met. You will hate yourself.

Don’t worry. No need to kill yourself.

Masters of conversations makes only 20% of the speech and the others does the rest talking. Let people talk about you for once. Not you always talking about yourself to people. When anybody want to know something, they will go even beneath the earth to find it.

Always give people the needed impression they need to keep on a conversation.

Let me know some of your experiences in the comment if you have more

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