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Wealthbank token

WealthBank is a community-driven project, aimed at connecting members with project ideas with investors for funding. The investor gets a return on investment at the stipulated time ascribed by the Idea pitcher.

With the WealthBank platform, we hope to solve the problem of startup failure due to a lack of venture capital. With WealthBank, profitable capital-intensive business ideas or projects can be executed effortlessly, creating wealth for both the business owner and the investors.

WealthBank Community members will be able to do the following with WB:

1. Exchange ideas for WB tokens.

2. Pitch Ideas and get investors

3. Invest in profitable projects for high WB returns

4. Crowdfunding of projects

5. Build teams and hire freelancers to work on projects

6. Establish business relationships across the globe

All transactions on the WealthBank platform will be carried out with the WealthBank Token.

The WealthBank token or WB is a decentralised asset built on the Smart chain network and integrated into the WealthBank platform as the official currency.

The Wealthbank token is easy to access from all Smart chain-supported wallets and Dapps. There are no multiple transaction charges and the token is fully secured with 45% locked to provide liquidity.

See Tokenomics here

The Wealthbank token is currently featured on PooCoin, PancakeSwap, Trustwallet, and Bsc Scan and will soon be listed on Coin Market Cap.


The project has a clear and transparent roadmap as shown below;

road map

The token was launched on the Binance smart chain network[bep20] with a total supply of 10,000,000,000WB and a $0.0001 listing price.

10% of WB token has been burned for presale which begins today and will continue for a period of 30 days or until all 10% is exhausted. During the Presale period, WB can be gotten at a ridiculously cheap rate.

Click here to get started on the presale.

Furthermore, the airdrop phase will begin after the presale and WB holders will get a larger share of the airdrop percentage.

Follow our social media handles and join our telegram community to stay updated.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WealthBank_

Telegram: t.me/wealth_bank_token

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