Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting
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Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting

Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting: I was in a bus today going to Abuja Campus within Uniport. I over-heard two lecturers’s conversation while awaiting more passengers to fill the bus. In summary, they were reacting vehemently to each other on the unpleasant actions of the students, today. Well, it the conversation ended in a very sad way as both of them exclaimed their unconcern. Claiming that,’it is the students that will suffer the outcome’. This prompted me to investigate the incident that might have occur.

Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting
Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting

It came out that Some Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting in the early morning of today. This is the whole story of how it happened:

The Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU), Uniport chapter were preparing to brief newsmen on the sacking of their colleague, Prof. Frank Ugiomoh and other matters affecting the university. This was at about 10.30 am when the students invaded the auditorium of the secretariat.

Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting
Uniport students disrupt asuu meeting

Well, the story has it that some of the lecturers opted to lock the door to stop the students from disrupting the ASUU media briefing. But, the Chairman, UNIPORT Branch of the union advised them against sound so.

The Students bearing placard immediately gained entry. And began a long session of solidarity song against their lecturers, who belong to ASUU.
ASUU members were forced to dismiss and move to another venue which was not made known to us.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, University of Port Harcourt Chapter, Austen Sado, has expressed regret over the disruption of its congress by students of the Institution.

Doctor Austen Saado, also, said meeting was the usual ASUU Congress where issues affecting lecturers were meant to be discussed.

REASON Why Uniport students disrupted asuu meeting(VOICE OF THE STUDENTS)

The uproar follows rumours of a planned strike by the lecturers. , here are some interview received from some of the students:

The Students Union Government, President of the institution, Sowari Dikibo said, “We heard the Lecturers were planning to go on strike. Also, we heard that they were planning to withhold the release of our results for the last semester.

“We don’t want that to happen: We want four years to be four years and nothing more. The situation whereby students stay more years in school because of strikes must come to an end.”

Reacting to the incident, ASUU Chairman, UNIPORT, Sado described the action of the students as the height of impunity for students and security to deny lecturers their rights.

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