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My top5 100X crypto coin for 2022 [top5 100X Altcoins 2022]

Buying a good coin can be really hectic times. As one may not know which one is going to do well or not do well. As there is a lot of scam token with rug pull intentions; it really makes the whole thing more difficult. However, one has to use stringent and intrinsic measures to analyse a token before investing in it. Nonetheless, here are my recommended top5 100X Altcoins for 2022.

Note: This is not financial advice.

Choosing The Right NFT Marketplace:

Choosing The Right NFT Market place

Coming up with this list has been very tough research and decision. and for record sake, I have some quantities of these tokens. There are a couple of things considered when analysing the veracity of a coin.

However, these things are:

  1. The Team behind the token
  2. The Community engagement
  3. The total supply
  4. the Holder %
  5. The marketcap

The above Listing is in no particular order of importance. I, however, considered all of them important. Nonetheless, one cannot do without the other.

Criteria for the top5 100X Altcoins 2022 selection

  1. The Team behind the token: The success running of a token has alot to do with a visionary team. A team that is zealous, implementing and executing projects for the growth of the token or coin. A team with no teamship will only lead to failure of the coin. Nevertheless, every section of the team should be abe to perform their duty well enough.
  2. The Community engagement: Community engagement matters alot. A token that has alot of negative community feedback will eventually drive off potential investors. Ranging from twitter to telegram and discord. There should be potential positive feedback from users. I, however, guess no one will want to buy a token that all the comment that can be seen under it is,’scam’, from users. Comments on its explorer section like, nevertheless, should be positive.
  3. The total supply: The supply of a token is encouraging as it defines its afinity to a singular $1 per 1 of that token. It also express its usefulness. Still, some tokens comes in quantillion, zillion which even the entire world money can not equate them. Example can be taken from bitcoin and ethereum, their supplies are reasonable. They are even in millions. Ethereum is already half of bitcoin by market capitalization. But, the price is way below bitcoin because of its supply. The supply of ethereum is more than that of bitcoin.
  4. the Holder %: This may seems crazy, but the holders are very important too. If you check a token being held by over 10,000 holders and the first 5 persons holds more than 80%. That is a red flag. once the first 5 sells, the remaining participants loss everything. Thisis what results to rugpull in the first place.
  5. The marketcap: Market capitalization is, however, the measure of the total supply times the current price of each piece of that token. However, a token with a very low marketcap give more profits.


Top5 100X Altcoins 2022 was actually selected based on the above criteria. Notwithstanding, here is the list:

  2. MEFA

Still, check here for a video analysis of them each.

In conclusion, let me know which one is your favourite.

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