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Tony Hawk: Until the Wheels Fall Off.

HBO has released a documentary on Pro-Skater, Tony Hawk, titled: “Tony Hawk: Until the wheels fall off.”

The documentary follows the life of Tony Hawk, his struggles, resilience and rise to fame.

Tony Hawk: Who is he?

Tony Hawk, nicknamed “Birdman”, is an American Professional Skater and entrepreneur. He is the owner of the Skate Board Company, “Birdhouse”.

Tony is the Pioneer of Vertical Skateboarding, a form of skateboarding done on skate ramps. 

He won many skateboarding competitions during the 1980s and ’90s and has about 73 titles to his name. He was the national skateboard association’s world champion and was named top vert skater for 12 consecutive years (1984 – 1996).

Hawk has invented more than 100 skateboarding moves and tricks including, the ollie-to-Indy, the gymnast plant, the frontside 540-rodeo flip, and the Saran wrap. He also landed the first documented “900“, a skateboarding trick that requires the skateboarder to do an aerial spin of 2 and a half revolutions. He completed the move at the X Games V in 1999, after 10 failed attempts.

Hawk retired from Professional Skateboarding in 2003.

Tony Hawk: Video Game and Philanthropy

Tony also has a video game franchise, named after him and published by Activision. with about 18 instalments and spin-offs. The Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater video game series features Tony Hawk as the major playable character. Although, later instalments have customizable player character feature but still has Tony as a star non-playable character. 

Tony is also the founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation, now named The Skatepark Project, which helps to build skateparks in underprivileged areas around the world.

“Until the Wheels Fall Off”

Concerning the new HBO documentary, Tony said on his Twitter handle, 

“It is not only about my life/career but about the essence of skateboarding. 

It’s about being an outcast, getting bullied, forging your own path, not giving up, the trappings of success and the price you pay, both physically and emotionally, for being singularly focused on something. 

I hope that it gives some perspective on why we do this and why I haven’t quit; it’s never been for fame or fortune (as they were not rewarded to skaters when I started), but I’ve had my share of both through this journey and neither compares to the feeling of riding away from a trick that you’ve battled for hours, weeks or years. 

I continue to do it because I can still be creative in a way that gives me a personal sense of pride and validation.”

Tony Hawk’s Networth in 2022 is about $140 million.

Nevertheless, He will go down in history as one of the most influential skateboard icons.

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