Thursday Motivations

Thursday motivations: Most times you fear trying something and fail. Fear to go down, fear to have the little pride you have built go down in a dare devil game.

Do you know that life is like staircase; you only move by taking a step.

It is either you step forward, step backward or remain in the already made step. A step forward, a better grasp beyond the horizon and you never see beyond the steps you have made. thursday motivations

If you do not make that step you want to make NOW. You will remain in that position you are and you will feel life have cheated you.

If you take that step you are about to take now, you might fall to the beginning of the staircase of life. thursday motivations

What would you have yourself do now?!

Why not take a calculated step. examine the height of the next step. Calculate the effort it will take you to get there. THEN TAKE THE STEP!

Remember, you will always do what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do tomorrow.

It is better for you to take the step forward, fall than to remain stagnant. It may not be easy starting all over again but, remember, you have been through them before. So, it won’t be all that difficult. After all, you are going to learn your lessons. Lessons that will help you cross the level that took you down.


You have the extra time to do things right. Being alive is an extra time given you. Most times, next steps are unclear unless you take them. Doing what is worth doing is non-negotiable.

Don’t be scared. Go ahead. Take that step. And you would love yourself for ever listening to your inner mind.

Be courageous.

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