The Oscars 2022
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The Oscars 2022: 94th Academy Awards

The 94th academy awards or Oscars 2022 is just one week away and movie casts, crew and fans are excited.

The academy awards, popularly known as “Oscars” is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s (AMPAS) annual event to recognize and celebrate the best films and performances of a year. It is the most prestigious and significant honour in the film and entertainment industry worldwide.

Movies, cinematic works, cast and crew are nominated for awards in various categories. Some of these categories are best picture, best actor and actress, best cinematography, best animated film, best visual effects and others. A golden statuette officially called the “Academy Award of merit” but nicknamed “Oscar” is awarded to the winners as a trophy,

Brief History of Oscar.

On May 16, 1929, the first Academy Award was presented at a private dinner in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. 15 statuettes were awarded at this event to winners who had been announced to the media, 3 months earlier. In the following years, the names of the winners were given to the newspaper on the night of the award. In 1940, the Los Angeles Times published the results before the ceremony started. Consequently, the Academy started revealing the winners at the ceremony from a sealed envelope.
Emil Jannings was the first person to receive an academy award. He won the best actor category for his performance in the last command and the way of all flesh. He received his award before the ceremony because he had to return to Europe.

How did the nickname “Oscar” come about?

Margaret Herrick, the academy’s executive secretary, is the alleged originator of the nickname Oscar. She said the statuette reminded her of “Uncle Oscar” when she first saw it in the 1930s. “Uncle Oscar” was the nickname of her cousin Oscar Pierce.

The first newspaper reference to “Oscar” was a column by Sidney Skolksy who wrote about the 6th academy awards in 1934. Walt Disney was the first to call the award “Oscar” when thanking the academy for his award at the ceremony in 1934. The academy later adopted the nickname in 1939.

The Oscars 2022

The 94th academy awards will hold on March 28, 2022, at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood and Highland. The event will honour the best films released between March 1 and December 31, 2021.

Some great movies nominated for the Oscars 2022 are Dune, Spiderman: No Way Home, King Richard among others.

Click here to see a full list of nominations.

Is your favourite among the nominations? Who do you think will win an Oscar this year?

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