examination malpractice


Examination malpractice is gives the country a very bad future. Countries that has made a vast, incredible, distinct impact in humanities and development of the society in communication, transportation, technology, health system, building, human affairs, etc. have tremendously given priority to education.

Most nation that does not embrace or give full support to education end up in misery. Corruption, illiteracy, economic crisis, and crimes becomes the bane of such society. Being of no use to positive contribution to the world and humanities.


Our education system in Nigeria has been given a very poor attention. Very much dubious act takes places day after day, with less concern of education management board and its cohort.

In the secondary school categories; year after year, student end up in series of examination malpractices to attain an astounding grade in their external examinations. On the long run, very few of them can actually defend their academic achievements.

Most Principals, teachers, parents etc. give full support to the evil going on in our education system not minding the consequence as far as their stomach is satisfy in the cause of examination.

Students no longer study for exam. All because, bribery is the order of the day. What a damage to our society, that even the students that want to stand to do what is right are been ill-treated and deprived of their right.


Our higher Institution has become a domain for prostitute, lecturer purposefully accepting bribe to credit student in their course that they don’t merit.

Yet, every year thousands of students graduate from the higher institution  with a nice C.G.P.A. None with good skills or professional profitability. What a disaster in our education system.

Top cop Examination malpractice, we all have a role to play as a society

For a nation to grow, the proper growth system must be carefully established. Examination malpractice must be done away with.

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