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Will Smith’s movies halted amid Oscars controversy

Will Smith’s upcoming movie projects have been put on hold, a week after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the OSCARS. Netflix’s “Fast and Loose”, Sony’s “Bad Boys 4” and Apple+’s “Emancipation” are among Will’s upcoming movie projects that have now been officially halted. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Emancipation” is reportedly in post-production. It […]

Samuel L Jackson receives his first OSCAR
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Denzel rejoices as Samuel L Jackson receives his first OSCAR[VIDEO]

Samuel L Jackson receives his first OSCAR, When? Didn’t see it at the Sunday event? Well, that’s because it was before the Oscar. Renowned actor Samuel L Jackson was awarded a well-deserved honorary Oscar at the Governors Awards on Friday night, two days before the Oscars.   The Governors Awards is an event held ahead of […]