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Failed Relationships (staying in a marriage without trust)

Any one reading this has to pay serious attention to this story: In it, you are going to learn, how to rebuild trust in a marriage.

As well as trust issues in marriage, staying in a marriage without trust (effects).

Also, to deal with trust issues and insecurities, how to fix a relationship after trust is broken. And importance of trust in marriage, effects of lack of trust in a relationship, when trust is broken in a relationship.

It’s been five years I got married to my husband with two kids. Our relationship for the past five years has been problematically filled with unbelieved, hatred and doubts. I rarely see any good out of him any more. He works as an accountant at the Local Government.

I developed so much hatred towards him, because of how poor he was and what my friend secretly told me about him. My friend by name Angela got married a year before I got married. Angela’s husband was rich and unstable in the home. Dusting her with money but flirting with other ladies, though there wasn’t any child yet. I heed closely to Angela’s advise because of her influence and how she was sparkling with money all the time.

Though, Angela was working in the same place with my husband. She was the Senior staff who control the affairs of all the workers. Angela would always tell me what my husband does at the office when we meet at the Church. She said “your husband is a womanizer; he has befriended almost all the ladies in the office. Taking them out for drinking and many others I can’t even mention”.

A friend’s stories to a-love for husband

I believed what Angela said because I wonder why my husband will not have so much money as one working as an accountant in the Local Government, where there is an influx of funds. Not knowing that Angela was jealous of my marriage, children and how true my husband was at the work place. Not looting the funds, despite the occasional opportunities he’s had to do so. But he’s been contented with his salary. She fooled me with lies and her plan was almost working in destroying my marriage.

The Local Government Chairman was so pleased with my husband because of his sincerity giving accurate report of finance and not partaking in any act of theft.

Despite all the accusations I made against my husband, he never reacted madly at me any day. But he would just smile and work out even when he tried to explain I would not listen.

Truth is Never Hidden

My husband was made the Commissioner of Finance of the State when the Chairman who contested for the Governorship election won and became the Governor. Because of the integrity and the experienced he has gotten with my husband. He ( my husband), was appointed as the Commissioner of Finance. It was after all this that my eye opened and was surprised that my husband was this true. When I met Angela, she confessed and said that all she has been telling me concerning my husband was false. I nearly fainted. staying in a marriage without trust is more than an heart ache.


My heart was troubled because I never knew what the action of my husband would be after I have realized that all he has told me was true. I was scared that I would be thrown out of the house.

My husband called me two days after he had been made the Commissioner of Finance of the State. I was shivering to even stand in front of him, he told me to sit down.

The first statement that came out of his mouth to my amazement was “I love you” I couldn’t control myself again but burst into tears. He said “if not for the love I have for you, I would have lived my life without you, but since the day I met you, till now, my love is still strong for you. That is why I ignored all the evil you did to me knowing that someday I would be more than what I am now”.

I was crying to the extent that I was lying on the floor. He came and pick me up and hugged me saying again ‘’I love you’’ from then, things changed in my family. I learnt from my mistakes and repented of it. Today I have kept in the business of encouraging young women coming up on how to live a successful marriage. Staying in a marriage without trust can break any mans home.

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