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10 Niche Social media apps

There are many Niche-based social media apps well suited to people in various industries and sectors. Besides the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others, there are those for specific niches.

These niche-based platforms are great if you: are looking for specific content, want to stand out in your industry, or want to network with like-minds.

Here are 10 social media apps for different niches.

10 Niche-based social media apps


This is arguably the best platform for content writers. It is an open platform where writers share articles on various topics and reach a large audience. With over 100 million users looking for insightful content, it is a great place to get discovered and build an audience. Through its partner program, Medium allows its users to monetize their content although it is available to only a few countries.


The best app for creative story writers and novelists. Wattpad is an online social reading and writing platform with over 500 million users. it allows users to read or write original stories in any genre. It also connects writers with their audience for engagement and feedback. It also allows users to earn from their paid stories.


This is one of the best social apps for music lovers and singers. It is a karaoke app that lets you sing your favourite songs along with the beat and lyrics. You can then post your audio or video recordings on the app’s feed where millions of users get to hear you sing and connect with you. You can also start or join duets with other users. It also has rooms where you sing live with other members. You can get invited to sing at virtual concerts or sometimes physical concerts, If you are popular on the platform. You can also host a music concert in the app. It is a great place to get famous as a singer.


Although it is beneficial to everyone, Pinterest is better suited to artists and visual content creators.


This is one great platform for poets. It is a platform where users share short stories, comics, fanfiction and poetry in a page by page, picture book format. Poets are very popular on the app because the app’s style is well suited for poetry. It is a great place to connect and network with fellow creatives.


Discord is popular among the gaming, crypto and developer communities. If you want to connect with any of these communities then Discord is for you. It enables users to communicate via text, audio and video calls and share media or files privately or in communities.


This is a live streaming platform mainly used to stream video game content. It enables gamers to stream their gameplay live, build an audience and connect with followers, fellow gamers and popular brands. If you are a pro gamer and streamer or you love watching video games, esports competitions and tournaments, then Twitch is for you.


It is an open-source platform for developers where they can work together on the same project and share resources remotely. One of the best places for developers to be.

Stack Overflow:

This is a question and answer platform for developers and programmers. Whether you are a professional or a newbie coder, stack overflow is one place you can contribute and benefit from the worldwide coding community.


LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals and entrepreneurs. It is a great place to network with industry professionals and like minds. Also, It is a great place to increase personal brand recognition and credibility. It is also great for collaborations and business deals. If you are looking to land the next job in your career, strategic positioning on LinkedIn will help you.

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