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Ethereum: Invest? YES/NO (Part2) should I buy ethereum?

Are you wondering things like; should I buy ethereum 2020? should I buy ethereum? should I invest in ethereum 2020? ethereum vs bitcoin investment? An aphorism goes,’ look before you lip’. Before anyone thinks of investing money somewhere, they must have been satisfied with the viability of the investment. Some weeks (January) ago, as I said in my previous post I analysed the viable opportunity in investing in the cryptocurrency, ethereum.

Based on my experience with bitcoin and the dependency of other cryptocurrencies on it, I gave this analysis below; Note, this will help anyone know the right time to invest or not invest in the ethereum.

Now the chart is split into DAY (1D), MONTH (1M), YEAR (1Y), 5 YEAR (5Y), and all-time (MAX)


should i buy ethereum 2020
should i buy ethereum 2020

One month chart doesn’t really have much to tell about our analysis, likewise Days. looking at the one month chart above, it can be seen that the currency has been on a progressive upward rise. This depicts incessant monthly growth or increment in ethereum.


On the same day, 29th January, the daily chart showed that the cryptocurrency has been on the down-low for the day. But I strongly recommend those trading both long time and a short time to focus on the long time chart which depicts the overall performance of the product.


should i buy ethereum 2020
should i buy ethereum 2020

Now, take a good look at the screenshot above, notice that ethereum fell late April to 1st, 2nd week of May. Suddenly, it picks in same second week of May and it gives the highest rise of the year. Next mighty rise comes in January to March which is what we are experiencing now. Between January and now, ethereum has moved from $175.37= 1 ether to about $282.77=1 ether.

the arrow points at May


NOTICE, in the screenshot for all time that ethereum drops every April and rises every May. Every year

Ethereum today

Current price as at when this post was made

Unpopular prediction says Ethereum will end the year with about 1 ether=$1000.

In conclusion, the best time to invest in this cryptocurrency is May all things being equal.

If you found this post useful, comment, share and let me know if more post like this is needed in the community. I like to hear your thought.

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