Family is the basic unit of any society, and it must be given a high priority because most problems, indecency, crimes, prostitution, gays etc. that are experience in the society today can be trace back to poor parental brought up and incompetence in the family. Many couples ended up in marriage with unbiased mindset and hiding secret from each other, which when not resolve ends up in lot of crisis and they end up breeding folks of nuisance who causes more harm than good to the society and nation at large. SECRET IN A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE



1. Love: when there is no love there would be hatred. Hatred breed anger, misunderstanding, fighting, quarrels, etc. love is a rule that must be strict adhere to. Not unbiased love but unconditional love among the spouse, with this everyone can live peacefully, and it be a lovely home to be.

2. Respect: when respect is not present, arrogance take place, pride, haughty eyes, and all manners of abuse begin to display and you know what we be the outcome of this in the family, children do what they like, mother don’t care neither would father does so. Respect is very vital.

3. Tolerance: There is every tendency that they would be mistake in the family, everything should not be taking so seriously that we end up in more crisis. You must overlook some irrelevant happenings and correct what need to be corrected and move on in a peaceful home.

4. Forgiveness: We have no choice than to forgive errors that display in our home, if we don’t do so the family, society and the nation itself can’t stand. Learn to let go of some issue and discipline what need to be discipline.

5. Contentment: Hey! Get contented with what you have and develop what you have to be more valued and worthful. Don’t go around moving with poisonous ladies and forsaking your wife. Develop and appreciate the one you’ve gotten.


6. Open mindedness: This one of the issue trending in most family and marriages that couples are not true to themselves but keep in secret and deceiving each other with pools of liars, such marriage/family will collapse if there is no change. Be open minded.

7. Taking up responsibility: Everyone in the family have a role to play, parent and the children. If there’s defect in one of the roles it would affect the other and it produce unbalance equation because when the father refuses to carter for the family, the wife also play opposite the children we do the same. That family/marriage will suddenly break up if things are not don’t rightly.

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