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Rema Receives a Rock and Hot kisses from a Girl at UNIPORT(Video)

Rema Receives a rock and as well as a hot kissed on stage from a girl at Uniport today. Rema Receives a Hot kisses in the interim.

A TRACE CITY EVENT organized in collaboration with Indomie today has got the Uniport talking.

trace city uniport
trace city uniport

It has been a really big show down here. As the event featured popular music stars; Rema, Fireboy, DJ Neptune, Popular Dandizzy and host of others. Definately, they shut down Uniport with great showmanships.

The one that have got every one talking is the present of Rema in the event. Rema, popularly known for his single,”Dumebi“. He really got the student excited. They could not wait to see him perform. When he finally showed-up, he covered his face with mask. This was some act of unprecedented act that seems to win the heart of everyone. Non could wait to see his face. Suddenly, he unveiled his face and it was a boom. He shook Uniport with his performance. Rema Receives a Hot kisses.

While Performing, he invited an unknown lady from the host of students on stage. And that changed the taste of the whole show from sweet to sweeter. As he literally, receive a very hot rock from the girl. Ending with a memorable Kiss on her fore-head. Rema Receives a Hot kisses

Perhaps, one could hear the wailing of Uniport students miles away. It did not end here.

Shortly, after the event, REMA, reportedly release a heart touching tweet saying he wished he could see her again.

Rema tweet at Uniport
Rema tweet at Uniport

This girl has left an unforgettable impression on the young boy, REMA said many.

Here are some live videos as it went down.

Note: most of this videos are uncensored, some are untrimmed. it is at it happened.


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