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LAZINESS: A lot of students are victims of this attitude which have caused them a lot,

as a student you should be able and ready to get up and do anything at any given time,

especially your assignment and reading of your books.

PROCRASTINATION: As a student, you should always learn to do things immediately,

by yourself and not keeping it for another time.

GROUP OF FRIENDS: The kind of friends you keep are very important and it matters a lot,

if you are not a good reader and you have good friends they can influence you positively,

into reading but there are some bad ones that will not remind you to read at all,

so be careful of the friends you keep.

TOO MANY ENGAGEMENT: As a student, you shouldn’t be loaded with a lot of movement

on your mind always learn to be at a particular place.

BAD SLEEPING HABITS: When you make sleep the most important thing among all your schedules,

it is wrong as a student you shouldn’t sleep excess let there be a timetable for your sleeping

and resting time.

RELYING ON OTHERS/EXAM MALPRACTICE: A lot of student can read but don’t have confidence in their self of writing and passing so that makes them put their hope on other persons during exams, whie some don’t even read at all cause they are hoping on someone.

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