beard growth cream



Beard growth Cream boosts and anable hair growths in any part of the body applied. Good for mustache hair growth, Bald hair treatment too.


Beard growth cream


beard growth cream is:

Made of good quality natural material, safe to use.

Small size and portable, suitable for traveling.
Effectively let your beard growth fast.
Can draw the lines of your beard as you like.
Perfect as gift to your boyfriend.
To promote the normal growth of hair, hair follicles to improve the symptoms of inability to make hair become dense and long.
How to use: After cleansing, smear it evenly from the root of the hair to the tip of the beard wherever it grows, once in the morning and at night. Wipe where you need to grow and leave it on it.
Ingredient: Angelica extract, saw palmetto, tea tree oil, etc.
Net Weight: 40ml
Package Included:
1* Beard growth cream product
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