Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal gone wrong
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Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal gone wrong[VIDEO]

The rate of breakup recently is apparently on the high. As both old and new relationships seem to experience more breakups around valentine season. This could be attributed to a lot of reasons. Majorly, social pressure. Nevertheless, the marriage proposal breakups aspect is on another level. In fact, talking about the public proposal where the guy surprises the girl and while everyone is left chanting, the girl displays some level of drama before finally working away. This pre-valentine Marriage proposal gone wrong is not exceptional. Nonetheless, It happened somewhere in Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Before I narrate what happened. Why does the victim of this whole marriage proposal go wrong mostly guys? Conversely, you can tell me your reasons in the comments.

STORY: Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal gone wrong

Undoubtedly, this guy has been dating this girl for some time now. So, he decided to take the relationship to the next level by proposing to her. Well, he decided to spice things up a little bit by setting up a surprise marriage proposal. Of course, most of these surprise marriage proposals are mostly done in public in the most bizarre ways sometimes. As always attracting the attention of by-passers.

However, he went to a mall, as reported by one of our correspondents. And arranged with the management of his exciting new moves. Taking the necessary permission to do the unusual within their business premises. *smiles*. He made arrangements for cake, a group of friends and some other fancy proposal stuff.

The deal day came, being Friday, the 11th of February 2022. Knowing fully well that the girlfriend is at the mall shopping. He then showed up with all his entourage. With the flute blower doing his job perfectly.

They slowly moved to the section of the mall where the pretty damsel was. Attracting the attention of the entire shoppers and workers within the vicinity.

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However, telling from the facial expression of the girl, she did seem embarrassed and not ready for the show. The guy waved his hand to tell the wailing crowd to keep calm so he can deliver his best lines to his bride to be. After which, he, nonetheless, went on his kneel to say the big word,” Will you Marry me”.

Wailing crowd chanting,’awwwnnn‘, ‘say yes, there seems to be a change of mood as the young man kneeling down looks so dilapidated and on the begging side. The lady began questioning him, ‘what’s the meaning of this embarrassment’. The next thing was a slap on the guy’s face. Then everything went out of control. Every effort by the proposed groom to calm the situation seems abortive.

At the moment, it was the group of friends that was now holding the guy and the girl was held by some fellow female friends to calm the situation.

However, the entire mall was in great chaos. As crowd from both in and within gathered to witness the happenings.

The biggest surprise was yet to come. As soon as the girl step out, she saw the car the boyfriend had brought to surprise her with. He bought her a car for the proposal. At this time the girl was now like, ‘you would’ve told me’.

At this time, as the situation was getting out of control, friends of the guy got him into the car and they zoomed off. Leaving the lady regretting her actions.

Additionally, enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

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