ibadan polytecnic burns cell phones
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Over 1000 Phones Destroyed by the Polytechnic of Ibadan(Reasons will shock you)

ibadan polytecnic burns cell phones
ibadan polytecnic burns cell phones

The Management of the Polytechnic of Ibadan, destroyed mobile phones worth over one hundred and fifty million naira (N150 million).

Report reaching us says that the management of the Polytechnic carried out this act as a disciplinary measures to put a stop to examination mal-practice through technology.

These mobile devices where seized and confiscated over the years during different forms of examination misconducts or the other in the Institution.

As a matter of fact, the burning process were supervised by some notable individuals in the institution: A senior lecturer and the immediate past Deputy Rector of the Institution, Mr. Bayo Oyeleke. Coupled, with a Deputy Registrar of the school, Mrs Ayoade, the Public Relations Officer, Alhaji Soladoye Adewole, Chief Security Officer, Head of Legal Unit, Ibadan, Barrister Ige Akinsola and President of the Student Union Government, Akadiri Bayonle.


It was reported that the school authority normally warn student to avoid entering the examination hall with those items; but, obviously, some students still go into the exam hall with their mobile phones which is against the rules and regulations of the institution.

Mr. Bayo Oyeleke, the immediate past Deputy Rector of the Institution, insisted that the action of burning the mobile telephones after they were seized was carried out in order to serve as deterrent to students of the institution who wish to further indulge in the illegal and inappropriate act.

It is said that the management decided to burn the mobile telephones so that they will not get into wrong hands.

“But, it will not be alright if we return them to the owners because we want to ensure sanctity of our examinations in the school. The management decided to burn the mobile telephones, it will be inappropriate if we say that we will return them, they may fall into wrong hands.

“We have been warning students not to take phones into examination halls. Any student that attempted to cheat using modern technology like phones will have the phone seized.

“We want cheating through the use of technology to stop. The exercise was attended by lecturers, students leaders were there and even members of the press council of the institution were also there.” as reported by the management of the institution.


How do you see this?

Do you find it appropriate or inappropriate?

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