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next cash and carry burnt down [VIDEO]

The next cash and carry supermarket has been reportedly burnt down in flames. The cause of the fire is not known at the time of this report. But Many assumes it could be electrical faults. While the supermarket is consumed with an uneven outbreak of fire. Fire service was nowhere to be found. As the supermarket gradually went down in flames. Many citizens and a few workers, at the time of the incident, attempted to take out some goods from the supermarket. Not much was done in that regard.

However, the short clips uploaded from others seems like some persons were using the opportunity to loot the supermarket. Eventually, the reverse was the case. Nevertheless, a great number of goods got secured in the midst of the incident. But what was destroyed by the fire was really much. As Billions of naira were reported to have been lost in this single fire incident.

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How Nigerians Reacted to the NEXT Cash and carry Supermarket fire Incident

Although it’s such a sad incident, the act of humanity and patriotism displayed during the incident has left fellow citizens in awe.

In fact, a Twitter user said,

Nigerians decided to be exceptionally patriotic today. Amidst late arrival of Fire service, the good citizens of this country went into Next Cash and Carry to rescue the goods not yet gutted by fire.

Nevertheless, the fire service department of the Federation eventually arrived; but at this time there was nothing left of the next cash and carry supermarket again. It’s been burnt to ashes.

The Next cash and carry supermarket is said to be owned by the former Governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi.

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