Mummy G. O
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Mummy G. O [VIDEO]

Mummy G. O as she is popularly called. So many videos have surfaced on the internet about a prophetess who claimed to have gone to hell and sat with the devil and God. Her name or the name of the Church is not known at the time of making this post. Many videos of her reveal prophecies which she mentions some things that could make a person go to hell. So, other videos of her explaining some notable logos and companies like Disney as alienated with the devil.

The internet is currently filled with so many memes of her mentioning some normal life activities as hell incline.

Nevertheless, despite peoples opinions on how embarrassing it seems for her to be saying these things. Many have created endless memes from it.

Almost all her quotes and prophecies seem to be about hell alone.

Have you come across any? let us know how you feel about Mummy G. O!

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