Jane is a student studying microbiology at the university. She grew up in a very poor family were feeding was very difficult and with a complicated life. Despite all the challenges that pose on her while growing up, Jane was very hardworking and focused.

After her Secondary School, her parents told her that there were not capable again to sponsor her to the higher institution. Jane wasn’t discouraged after hearing this but persisted by involving in some petty trade which end her some money.

 She applied for microbiology and fortunately, she merited the admission been the 2nd on the first list. Her parent was so excited and overwhelm with her courage to move on to higher institution. They supported her in their little way and she was able to meet up to the requirement of the school during registration and other clearance.

In the second semester of her first year, the unexpected happens that Jane was mock and jest at by her fellow course mate. “She was known to be quiet, hardworking and focused but while will she do this?” many of her coursemates said.

Jane was accused of stealing the lecturer phone and money. During one of their practices in the laboratory the lecturer drop his phone and an envelope containing some amount of money on a stool closed to Jane. After the practical everyone has gone out of the laboratory but Jane was the only student left behind still working on the practical work and taking down of some analysis.

 A week later Jane was brought before the department panel to question her because she was the last student in the laboratory while the lecturer was speaking with a fellow lecturer outside the laboratory. Meanwhile, most of the student was curiously waiting to hear her predicament and punishment. Most of her coursemate didn’t like her because she never flirt, nor cheat during exams as most of them did, so they were jealous of her.

Unfortunately to their surprise, Jane was awarded as the most well behaved, disciplined, student in the faculty. It was the nature of the faculty to yearly award well-behaved student and the most performing student yearly, though Jane was the third-best in the faculty. The faculty will sponsor the fees of the student until they graduate.

Everybody was wondering and surprised about what happened, “someone who stole phone?” many of them said. The H.O.D. of the department reveals all that happen. A CCTV camera was in the laboratory even other department too that monitor all that goes on. It was a set plan to see how sincere the student was, the lecturer was to purposely drop the phone and the envelope there were the CCTV camera would capture clearly to see who would pick it. Though their plan to award well-behaved student took this way in the year to that of previous years.

Unknowingly to anyone a male student of the department has secretly picked it and went away with the items. This was revealed when viewing the CCTV camera, the student was apprehended and discipline not to take what was not his.

After the event, Jane fees were to be settled by the faculty and that of the best performing student until they both graduate. Since then, the student always cherish Jane and was always pleased with her present.

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