Is trading Forex really worth it?
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Is trading Forex really worth it?

Have you ask yourself questions like; Is trading Forex really worth it? has anybody made it in forex? are people really making money in forex?, do I really need forex? What are the better-proven ways to perfect forex trading? Here, I will try to answer your questions with a Testimonial from a trader who has vital advice to share here.

Is trading Forex really worth it?
Is trading Forex really worth it?

One thing everyone has to note about forex is that everyone is proceeding in this industry with their best worked out analysis and learned behaviour and experiences. Whoever has something to share in teaching or in whatever way as regards the topical term, forex, is their personal experience and, or best working approach they’ve developed, learnt or experience.

Here is Gina Morgan Story: Is trading Forex really worth it?

I used to be an FX trader for 20 years for large investment banks. And although Forex is a possible money option. Like anything you have to work hard to understand what drives currencies up or down by studying and understanding not only fundamental analysis but also understanding technical analysis. There are many times when fundamental and technical analysis do NOT correlate and you need to understand the drivers behind that.

Some people that claim they make heaps of money in FX perhaps are really great at their trade and work very hard to get there. Others may have deep pockets to buy all the right tools to help them….. But in reality, it is tough to make good money in any market unless you are prepared to learn through mistakes and have educated yourself in the craft of FX trading!

Sorry, but there is no easy answer…..I love the FX markets and understand them almost intimately….that’s what 20 years of trading for large institutions have given me….passion and perseverance to succeed. I started off at your age and if you have a passion for the FX markets then there is no reason why you can’t succeed….so I wish you all the luck out there!

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