Important elements of Brand identity

Important elements of Brand identity: Brand colour

One of the important elements of brand identity is brand colour. But what is brand colour? and why is it important?

What is Brand colour?

Brand colours are colours or colour combinations that represent a brand’s style and personality. They grab the attention of your prospect and communicate a message to them. Most times, your brand colour is the first thing your prospect notices about your brand.

There are two types of brand colours: primary colours and secondary colours. Primary colours are the main colours used consistently in the brand’s visual contents like logo, graphics, products and marketing. Secondary colours are complementary to the primary colours and are used to achieve specific goals.

Nevertheless, brand colour is an important aspect of your brand’s visual identity.

Why is it one of the important elements of Brand identity?

Brand colours create familiarity between brand and prospect and increase brand recognition.

Colours have meanings and affect the mood and psychology of people.

A study of colour psychology shows that colours can appeal to the mind of your audience. They also stir up the right feelings if used properly. They affect how your audience relates to your brand and interact with its contents.


How would you feel if you walked into a house completely painted with black on the outside and inside? You get suspicious and uneasy subconsciously right?

Similarly, if you walk into a room painted yellow your mood lightens.

The way colours are used on a website can help a visitor focus on the main items on a page. In the same way, the visitor can be distracted from the parts of the webpage you want to be emphasized if the colours are used wrongly.

What about a mobile phone plated in gold colour? It gives you a sense of luxury and class, right?

Likewise, you subconsciously attach luxury and class to a brand that uses gold as its primary colour.

This is why food brands, like McDonald’s and Burger King, use red and yellow as their brand colours.
Red stands for passion and confidence while yellow implies joy and happiness. Using these colours, food brands are saying that they are passionate about making you happy and are confident that the delicacy they have prepared will bring you joy.

Also, yellow is one of the brightest colours and can easily grab attention.

In like manner, purple is closely associated with uniqueness, rarity and royalty. Brands pioneering a unique idea in their target location sometimes use it. Brands entering a new market first or providing solutions to a new problem also use it. The colour will surely grab your attention as it stands out among others and is not something you see every day.

Doing extensive research on colour palette, theory and psychology will help you pick and properly use the right colours for your brand.

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