Importance of Chess for kids
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Importance of Chess for kids

Chess is a popular sport played every day by kids and adults all over the world. But should kids play chess? what is the importance of chess for kids?

Importance of Chess for kids

Chess fosters strategic thinking: The game of chess requires a lot of planning and strategizing. Consequently, it improves the kids’ critical thinking ability. As a result, chess significantly increases the IQ of kids.

Chess builds competitive spirit: Participating in chess tournaments helps kids learn to remain calm and perform well under pressure. Therefore, these kids have a competitive advantage during exams, quizzes and competitions.

Chess helps in brain development. Playing chess is a good brain exercise that improves logical thinking and memory. It helps kids develop pattern recognition and visual and cognitive coordination.

Chess improves problem-solving skills: In chess, kids examine situations and consider different reactions and subsequent consequences. The kid then decides the best action to take in that situation. this will help them improve their problem-solving skills in the classroom and in life.

Chess improves focus and concentration: Some chess masters play chess verbally without a chessboard. Imagine the amount of focus that will take. Why are they able to do that? Because over time, chess has sharpened their concentration and memory.

Chess builds confidence and resilience: Losses are inevitable in chess. Every chess master has lost many games but still didn’t give up. Improving in chess boosts your confidence and perseverance. For kids, accepting losses without giving up, learning from mistakes and improving on weaknesses are necessary for the future.

Chess increases creativity: Kids who play chess excel in creative thinking. Chess helps in activating the right hemisphere of the brain. That part is responsible for creativity and originality. Creativity is evident in the tactics and plans chess players come up with during matches.

Chess encourages financial independence: Kids who participate in chess tournaments quickly learn to make money with their skills. This help them become financially independent in the future.

Nevertheless, these benefits apply to adults too. In what ways has chess benefited you?

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