I need a girlfriend

“I need a Girlfriend”This is why you can’t win a woman’s heart (1)

It can be surprising most time when you hear cute guys say, ” I need a girlfriend”. Statistics have shown the percentage of women compared to men is very high. Yet some men still find it difficult to get even the most friendly girl. All right, by the time you are done reading this article, you should have no difficulty in approaching a woman and get her to reason with you (**wink**).

Some people ascribe getting a girl to themself as a piece of mere luck. Seriously! While the beholders of the secret tool keep wining and changing girls like clothes. Mind you, I am not teaching you how to get so many women, but how to get a woman that you like. So, this post has a disclaimer policy. This is because since it works on one entity,’ woman’, it can replicate it on many others. Making you ”the women-man”. Is there anything like that. Uuhhmmm may be.

Now, let’s get down to business. Any man who does not have the venom to make a woman want him could think like maybe I am not a PRINCE CHARMY. But, you do not need to be prince Charmy for you to get an admired girl of your choice. The more masculine you are, the more a woman is likely to set on your path. Women are dynamic. You could use the same approach on them all, but you must use different strategies on each. It all depends on the nature of the one you meet.

‘I Need A Girlfriend’ This is why you can’t win a woman’s heart (10 REASONS)


  1. No code: Every woman likes one or more unique thing about the man they see. Some of those unique stuffs could be the originality of the man himself. A man of special code is made man respected and admired by women. A woman likes a man’s yes to be his yes, and his no to be his no. No woman likes an unsteady and confused man. Some men probably have no code at all. You dress rough, no dry cleaning on your clothing, you have mouth odour, body odour, rough hairs, roughly looking face, no pedicure or manicure, a very old fashion and unclean shoes and you expect her to stand and listen to you?! You must be joking. No woman likes shits. Even the ONES that are attracted to you based on special characteristics hopes on change till the day she can’t hold it, she’ll spill it on you and you would be left dumbfounded. Have some special, manly code, maybe in your talk pattern or something. Ladies are virtually attracted to a man who dress cutely, or have a nice body scent. ‘I need a girl friend’ shouldn’t be a statement for this century…
I need a girl friend
I need a girl friend
I need a girl friend
Detestable dress code

…To be continued in…..’I Need A Girlfriend’ This is why you can’t win a woman’s heart (10 REASONS) (2)

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