bitter kola for eye defect

How To Use Bitter Kola To Treat Any Problem(Eye Defects)

Wondering; can bitter kola be used for eye treatment? how to use bitter kola to treat eye defects or problem? is bitter kola good for eye problems? soaking bitter kola in water, what does it do afterward? how to use bitter kola to treat eye problems? how to use bitter kola for glaucoma? And how to use bitter kola for eye problems? You will receive all your answers here


  • Get a little container with a cover or let me simply put it, get a used EYE DROP bottle(WASH inside to clean all the liquid in it).
  • Then boil a little water (half a cup is OK).
  • wait for the water to cool down(the water is boiled so it will kill all bacteria in it). Please, note that you must boil the water.
  • pour the cooled water into your little eye drop empty bottle…
  • Then cut three of your BITTER COLA into pieces then gently drop them into the same bottle with the boiled-cooled water…
  • cover it nicely then keep it in room temperature for 3 good days without touching it.
  • on the 3rd day, shake it very well then use it as an EYE DROP.
    use it 2 or 3 times a day.|

    NB: ON THE FIRST DAY, YOUR EYE MAY TURN RED AND ITCHING A LITTLE, you must not panic, it is cleaning all the dirt on your eye. Within a few days, you won’t see it again..

Also,do not cover the tip of the water drop with your hands (so that you don’t contaminate the bottle with a bacteria).
Always make sure your drop tip is clean and safe.

If you have GLAUCOMA, use it for 30-60 days and it will go..
If you have MYOPIA, use it for 21-30 days and you will see clearly…
Any eye-related problem which has been putting you on glasses will go within 21-90 days.
Your remedy must be replaced on the 21st days of its use. I mean you renew your remedy again.


76 Replies to “How To Use Bitter Kola To Treat Any Problem(Eye Defects)

      1. I ve ptyresium in my eye and have used the bitter cola content for about 80 days now, yet my eyes are not clear, what should I do.?

    1. Use it for at least 6 days. watch out for its effects. When you wake-up early morning, make sure you clean it with a very clean moist hand towel before applying it. Clean it with a moist towel before sleep, then apply it.

  1. Hello, I started using it in the night but on the 2nd day it became red and itchy with plenty mucus coming out. I hope it’s okay pls?

    1. get a clean moist towel to wipe the mucus. The mucus is just a sign of total cleansing of your eye, so, don’t worry it’s ok. It’s just like sleeping and waking up to see mucus in our eyes which was washing of the eye done by the fluid overnight thereby getting rid of clouds of dust and particles. In addition, do this; use a clean moist towel, already sanitized with hot water to clean it morning and night. If you can look into a pool of clean water for at least 10mins it will be nice too.

  2. The cataract in my eye is already visible and big can I still use it and not do operation because it’s already coming out and how effective is it?

  3. Is the eye drop ok till that 21days or is there any need for throwing it away after some days and do another one. If not then how long will it stay and it will expire.

  4. please some that is using other recommended eye drops, can the person still use this bitter kola solution? secondly how long will someone use this drop?

  5. Please I have been using the bitter kola remedy for cataract for about two weeks now and my vision is still blur and not clear. How long will I use it before I begin to see changes

  6. I have myopia, how long do I keep using this bitter kola treatment?
    Is there substantial proof it works?
    Are there severe side-effects?

  7. So happy I read this article, so far it really work but the problem now is I can’t really remember the actual date I commence, so when I apply it yesterday the itching became so severe, can I replace the solution? Thanks a bunch

      1. Please can I soak the bitter cola in a different container and later pour only the liquid into the eye drop container and use or I seed is suppose to be in the liquid till am done and I want to discard

      1. As regards the Bitter Kola Remedy for Eye problems I want to make inquiry if a pregnant woman can also participate

  8. Plz can this remedy cleanse stains in the eyes. The colour of my eyes is too bad. Looks like jaundice. To the point peoples are scared of me because of the colour of eyes. Can this help plz

  9. I have been hearing about this bitter kola curing eyes for a very long time,i have been suffering with cataract for the pass 8 years now, please I need details on how to use the stuff please.

  10. What of d person that is on eye drop description,can she use bitter cola eye drop too for glaucoma, then its is good for children age 8,I mean bitter cola eye drop,and its for how many days thanks.

  11. I think there is no harm in trial just that the eye is a very sensitive organ people get scared but they never asked of the content of the eye drops they have been using.
    Thank you very much for sharing the informatiin.
    I hope the content of the little eye drop container can last up to 21days.

  12. I use biter kola last night and dirt came out from my eye. Buy feeling a little pains and little swelling

  13. Thank you for this.
    My daughter has undergone a cataract surgery. She still complains about her eyes.
    She has been scheduled for yag laser.
    Can she use the bitter kola mixture after the yag laser is done??

  14. I used it and when I woke up there is water under the white part of my eye(sclera). How do I get rid of the water under my eye please it’s painful. #Crying😭

  15. My child is three years and complains of eye pain. Please can she use this solution considering her age.

  16. Hello sir just heard this, can I use this bitter cola for my eyes problem hope there’s no any side effects

  17. My eyes are reddish, painful and bringing out mucus every morning after using the bitter kola preparation for 7days. What do I do, please? Should I stop or continue?

  18. I read this piece on google on searching for my eye problem .now (I) i have been operated both eyes on catarct (2) i have been diagnosed glacouma & myopia (3) can i still use the bitter cola eye drop ? (4) 3balls of bitter cola can not enter bottle of eye drop or can it be soaked in a big bottle and be drain into eye drop bottle ? (5) in the abscence of boiled cool water can water for injection be used ? Thanks eje gabriel

    1. Please,my mum has been complaining of itching on her eyes,I don’t know if it’s cataracts,glacuoma or myopia, because we’ve not visited an optician,a friend adviced I use bitter cola water,but I didn’t know I was supposed to boil the water,will this affect her negatively? Cause she said it’s itching her after I apply the drops, secondly,am using a plastic bottle to soak the bitter cola,is there any affect to this?
      Response please, thanks and God Bless you.

  19. Please is it a must that the bitter cola should be three?
    You did not mention if the back of the bitter kola should be peeled off or it’s to be soaked without peeling the

  20. Thank you for this remedy, will the bitter kola remain in the solution as you apply it or the liquid has to be poured into another bottle, i fear continue stay of the bitter kola may make the solution acidic over time

  21. Good day sir/ma’am I find this content very resourceful thank you. I just want ask if it effective for a person who can not see due to diabetes which affected the eye

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