How to migrate safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2 on TrustWallet

How to migrate safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2 on TrustWallet

All you need to know concerning How to migrate from safemoon v1 to safemoon v2 on trustwallet is explained here in detail. In a bit to reduce its supply in order to ensure premium growth and maximum usage of the token. safemoon has upgraded to version 2. Hereby reducing its supply from 1Quantillion to 1trillion.

What is V2 SafeMoon? ❗️❓
Simply put, SafeMoon V2 is version 2 of the SafeMoon Smart Contract. They have improved the flexibility, security and accessibility of the traditional SafeMoon token by adding mechanisms. This allows SafeMoon to be more widely utilized within our ecosystem and future partners. This upgrade will allow SafeMoon to be more scalable and interoperable within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Note: There is NO cost of SafeMoon to convert. Your full amount of SafeMoon V2 will be equal in value to your initial V1 SafeMoon after conversion.

Migration steps:How to migrate safemoon V1 to Safemoon V2 on TrustWallet

Step 1: Ensure you have enough BNB in your wallet set aside for the “gas fee“. Typically just a few dollars should be enough. You will first need to approve the new contract for trade, and then “Swap“ your V1 SafeMoon to V2 SafeMoon. Unfortunately, this is a blockchain cost we do not control as token developers. Go to: On the DAPPS section of your trust wallet or the browser section of your metamask.

Step 2 (optional): Click the “Consolidate Now“ button then add a small amount of V1 SafeMoon to “Swap“ for V2 SafeMoon as a test transaction.

Step 3: After you are comfortable, you can now swap all of your V1 SafeMoon for V2 SafeMoon by clicking“Max“ on the swap. This will fill in the max amount of V1 SafeMoon you have in your balance to “swap“ for the upgraded V2 SafeMoon. Then just click “Swap“ to initiate the transaction.

You’re all set
Once the swap transaction is confirmed on the blockchain; your upgraded V2 tokens will appear in your wallet as the new V2 SafeMoon token in your “My Tokens“ section of the app.

Last step: After migration, of times your token won’t reflect on your wallet as you need to add it up manually:

  • Click on smartchain bnb
  • then click on the last transaction(this will take you to
  • then, you will see the token you swap from(SAFEMOON) and the token you swapped to (SFM)
  • Click on SFM
  • Copy the contract ID and go add it up manually as a custom token.

Congratulation you have successfully migrated.

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