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How to Make Money from Apps: Content Creation

Do you know how to make money from the apps you use?

One way is by creating and monetizing content on these apps. Wait, do apps actually pay for your content?

Yes, although not all apps do.

Here are some apps that pay creators for their content.

How to Make Money from YouTube:

Undoubtedly the best platform that pays its content creators. To monetize your content, you must have up to 1000 subscribers on your channel with at least 4000 watch time hours generated. You must also have a Google AdSense account.


TikTok recently started a creator next program that pays creators for videos with at least 1000 views. The feature is available only in the US for now.


You can monetize your Quora space by joining the Quora partner program. You can receive an invitation to join the Quora partner program if your Space is generating traffic on Quora+.

How to Make Money from Medium:

Through Medium’s partner program, you can earn almost immediately from the content you post. Writers are paid based on how much time readers spend reading their content.


Writers earn through the futures program when a reader views an ad placed between chapters of their story. Writers can also write paid stories and earn when readers buy chapters of their stories.


Writers who have a contract on Dreame can earn from their stories. The contract can either be exclusive or non-exclusive.

How to Make Money from Webnovel:

Like Dreame, Webnovel offers exclusive and non-exclusive contracts that enable writers to earn from their stories. Webnovel also has a new premium program that rewards consistent writers for writing premium content daily.


Creators on OnlyFans can set their page to be paid and earn 80% revenue when users pay to see their content. Creators can also earn tips from viewers when they go live.


Streamers can earn through the twitch partners program. Partners earn money from viewers’ subscriptions and twitch bits. Bits are virtual coins that users buy as emotes and send to streamers to cheer them.

How to Make Money from Facebook:

Facebook pages with at least 10,000 followers, can be monetized. Facebook also places ads on videos in FB watch and gives 55% of the revenue generated per view to the owner of the video.


Similar to Facebook, Instagram can be monetized by enabling ads on Reels and IGTV. Instagram also has a badge feature in live videos where fans buy and gift creators badges which can be exchanged for cash.

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