how to add coredao to trust wallet
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How to add coredao mainnet chain to trust wallet

It is no news again that the most awaited crypto launch has just been witnessed a few days ago. The launch of coredao crypto. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to add coredao mainnet chain to trust wallet.

Before we proceed with this tutorial ensure your trust wallet is kindly updated. This is because the ability to add a new network is not available on the old version of trust wallet.

  • Go to your trust wallet
  • Click on the two dotted bars at the top right-hand side
  • Click on the plus + button at the same top righthand
  • you will see the token and network at the top. Click on network
  • fill in the following information:
    Name: Coredao Mainnet
    symbol: CORE
    Nore Url:
    Explorer Url:
    Click save, then ok

then you are done… you can now send coredao to the wallet.

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