how to add a custom token to trust wallet
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How to add a custom token to Trustwallet

How to add a custom token to Trustwallet: Adding token to trust wallet can prove difficult sometimes. Especially, when the user is not familiar with the process. This piece contains everything you need to know on how to add a custom token to trust wallet, how to add custom token to trust wallet safemoon, how to add bep20 token to trust wallet, how to add custom token to metamask, how to add feg token to trust wallet.

Also, what is custom token in trust wallet? how to find token decimal on etherscan? trust wallet address and free trust wallet token contract address?

What is Token

On the other hand, tokens are Digital Assets made inside the application on a certain blockchain. Trust Wallet supports a few blockchains where tokens are being given. A few models are ERC20 on the Ethereum Network, BEP20 on Binance Smart Chain and SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain.

Nevertheless, a coin comes before a token: Coin is a digital currency that has its own independent blockchain. This is known as the native currency of that blockchain. For instance, bitcoin is a native currency of bitcoin blockchain, same with ethereum, solana. Binance smartchain, ethereum and many others are all coins. With each, bearing the actual name of their own blockchain.

Moreso, the crypto built on this blockchain is called a token. A token exists on the blockchain of another coin. For instance, feg, safemoon and babydoge exist on binance smartcahin network. Similarly, ethereum, we have Shiba inu, floki and many more.

Adding this token to a wallet can be somehow difficult and confusing for a new user. That is why I have taken my time to explain this really well. From the above, you have to understand;

How to add a custom token to Trustwallet

The simple way of adding a token to a trust wallet is by copying the contract ID of that token and manually add it up. Nevertheless, here is a detailed guild on how to go about that. Contract ID, is the identity of that token. It’s more legit than the name of the token itself.

  1. Open your trust wallet

    how to add custom token to trustwallet
  2. Click on the two dots at the top right hand side
    how to add token to trust wallet

  3. Search the token you want to add. For Instance, let’s say mefa.
    search token to add
  4. Most likely, the token wont be displayed or you would rather find a different version of the token on another blockchain other than what you want. Now, you need to add by using the contract ID of the token. You can get the contract ID of a token from coinmarketcap or coingecho. Go to coinmarketcap and search the name of the token you want.
    coin contract address
  5. You will see it at the bottom. For instance, you can see mefa is on bsc on the screenshot above. in other cases you will see others on ethereum, solana, etc. Nevetherless, when we are adding it you will understand how they fall in. Copy the contract address and go back to your trust wallet, where we left off at no.3
  6. Choose the network your coin exist on before pasting the contract address. In this case, we have to choose smartchain.
    choose network of a coin
  7. Once you paste your contract ID. the remaining sections will auto-fill themselve. Then click save at the top right hand side. DONE.


However, in many cases when this refuses to autofill, it means you have to enter the symbol of the token and the decimals manually. In such case, you have to go to the explore. Like for smart chain and for ethereum. Eventually, every other coin has their explorer. Paste the contract ID there and you will find the decimal, symbol of the token.

So, if you’ve done this successfully. Congratulation you have successfully added a new token to your wallet.

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