FUTA: Students beat a girl to Pulp
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FUTA: Students beat a girl to Pulp(VIDEO/PHOTO)

FUTA: Students beat a girl to Pulp: We just received a piece of information that some Students of The Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) harrassed fellow student today by beating her to a pulp. This is the story of the FUTA girl that was beaten.

The story goes that a hundred level female student had a misunderstanding with her fellow 100l student in her room. This resulted in a series of quarrel. Soon, the girls got furious against the faulty one and they demanded her to kneel down. To which she refused. The point of argument was not made to us as at the time of this report. Later, one Miss Oluwadare Faith took it upon herself to deal mercilessly with the faulty student.

Miss Oluwadare Faith: FUTA GIRL

To do deal perfectly with the faulty girl they invited the school father of the other roommate to whom the misunderstanding had earlier started with.


They all ganged up and beat-up this girl. The boy’s name is Obalola.



This has drawn the attention of the entire students of FUTA to the venue of the incident. As the faulty students had been rightly apprehended by the school authority. Report says that they will be made to face the school panel for act of conduct by Monday.

Meanwhile, according to the video, some other students have gotten so angry with the incident that they can’t wait to put their hand on the major defaulters.

However, according to the report, the major person who started this harassment is Miss Oluwadare Faith, followed by her male friend,’ school father’, Obalola.

Also, the name of the other assaulter are unknown to us. As well as the name of the girl in question. As time unfolds we will let this known to you.

Point Of Thought On FUTA: Students beat a girl to Pulp

WAIT: Did you notice in the video, despite the fact that the girl was out-numbered, she never kneeled down.

Hmmm…..such a strong-willed woman

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