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Forex trading: Why people fail

Have you ever wondered why people fail in forex trading? In fact, over the years, there has been tons of forex failure stories. While some have had extreme wealth from the same system. And you begin to wonder how many people trade forex daily? Or is forex trading profitable? You see yourself googling to know forex trading success rate over the years. Before we explore why people fail in forex: It is good you know forex is easy. Forex trading is safe. If you’ve seen it as a business you wanna go into. Clear your table and begin the plan. Forex trading for beginners can be very tempting sometimes. As you have a lot of fake and real people begging to be your tutor. And you wonder, ‘íf this dudes makes handful of cash, why the rush?’.

Why people fail in forex trading; people fail for a very large number of reasons. From my years of trading, my personal experience, that of my students and as well as many. I have been able to gather even from those I considered my superiors why people fail in forex trading.

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Like any other, any other entity Forex has laws and rules. When anyone goes against those laws and rules, penalty awaits them. Forex trading is a lifetime business and not a Ponzi scheme or short time hit and run business.


  1. They take it for granted: Some never takes anything that has to do with them seriously. They rather prefer the one that has a boss sitting at the top, shouting their name. And giving them peanut as paycheck at the end of the month. While they can earn that monthly check a day. Just Imagine. most people fail in forex trading because they take the system for granted.


  • Lost self-control: One can lose self-control when you over win or when you over losses. The law of self-control is a golden rule on the system. Learning how to stop in an unfavourable day, to not lose all in stake is a golden rule. Learning how to stop as well when one has over won in a day is a golden rule too. When the market decides to take turns that will help you not be part of the negative turn.
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  • over pressured themselves: Combining family, social, financial pressure to trade on forex is never a good combination. Pressure is not good for trading. You literally, either by assumption or any other means have to empty your mind of pressure before embarking on a trade-in forex.
  • Discontinuous Education: It is amazing, how the society spends millions in old education that will earn us peanut rather than forwarding it to the human development sector. Imagine, the way people pays school fee from first year to final year is the way you had gone to learn every bit of forex. Your expertise and manoeuvre level will be extremely 99_100%. After the first surface training. Some people never invest any more in themselves towards forex trading. Even an old-time pro, learns every day on this.

Other reasons why people fail in forex trading

  • Gambler mindset: Forex trading is stake based on some historical, statistic calculations with some application of formulae and strategies to get a certain result. It is not like a gambling house, where you hope on luck.
  • Overconfident: Some persons are so overconfident on a changing system that they forget some steps. The system is not your own. it is a general market, so, treat it as such. It is like a war front, you don’t sleep in a war front and expect to see your enemy dead by the time you wake up. they will probably kill you. wake up and work.
  • They become emotional: Anger, over happiness, love, stress, self-pity, they don’t work with forex trading. Get rid of them before they get rid of you.
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  1. No boundary set of persons: Some people fail in forex trading, simply because they have no set goal to guild them. Set a boundary on both winning and losing sides and you will succeed maximally.
  2. The unserious ones: The system is flooded with some set of un-serious persons this day. These people are just looking for whom to blame. They blame everybody, everything, except themselves:They blame the person that introduced them to the system, they blame the system. They will say this like, ones they lose once, this thing is a scam. It is scam are you are still sitting on it with your unmitigated ass. Probably if they win, they will be like this can not be true. Eventually, they greedily loss and they be like,” I said it, these people are scam”. Don’t be like that. Such mindsets never gets anything from the system.



Those are just some few reasons why people fail in forex trading. If you read up to this extent, just know this one: Improper training makes you struggle on the system. Choose a plan on this site and get through the hassle or better still buy for yourself the act of trading forex for beginners, intermediate and advanced traders.

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