Fluttterwave Exposed: David Hundeyin's investigation
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Fluttterwave Exposed: David Hundeyin’s investigation

David HundeyinIyin, and Flutterwave were among Tuesday’s most trending topics on Twitter Nigeria.

What could put an investigative journalist, the co-founder of Andela and Nigeria’s leading Fintech company in related trends?

Well, David Hundeyin, an investigative Journalist and founder of “West Africa Weekly” launched an investigation into the internal affairs of Flutterwave and its controversial CEO Olugbenga Agboola a.k.a “GB”.

David teased his investigation about 3 weeks ago but finally published his findings on Tuesday. 

His report exposes the fraudulent and unethical foundations that Flutterwave is allegedly built on. It also exposes the immoral dealings of the CEO who spearheaded them.

David’s report

David started his report by talking about how Flutterwave responded to his teasing an investigation of a fake story. 

He teased an investigation on sexual misconduct and workplace bullying by asking for comments from Flutterwave employees and ex-employees. 

Flutterwave released a statement in response to the rumours about a report on the company’s issues. 

David described Flutterwave’s statement as “an attempt at a direct response to the issues mentioned in the request for comment, namely employee stock options fraud, sexual harassment and workplace bullying”.

He further added that the real story “is a lot more sinister than you would think”.

David further, presented his findings with pieces of evidence in a beautifully written piece that leaves no room for doubt.

He narrated his story on events surrounding the company from 2016 to date. However, he gave credit to 4 major anonymous sources alleged to be Flutterwave ex-employees.

David’s story implicates Flutterwave CEO as well as other founders for Breach of Contract and Insider Trading.

According to his source, Flutterwave’s CEO refused to pay employees the amount due to them for their company stock option. For some, he pays them at a rate significantly lower than the market price.

David’s evidence also suggests that GB was using Access Bank assets to further Flutterwave’s interest while simultaneously working at both firms. 

According to David, Iyin Aboyeji the then CEO and co-founder of Flutterwave was merely the public face GB used to run his venture while working at Access Bank. 

David also called out GB for sexual misconduct with female employees. 

Read David’s piece here

Nevertheless, Clara, another Flutterwave ex-employee, took to Twitter to speak up about harassment from GB. She also wrote a piece on Medium telling her story and revealing some shreds of evidence that corroborates David’s story. 

Read her post here

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