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Ethereum: Invest? YES/NO (part1)

Some weeks ago, I made some analysis to a client of mine about my years of experience with crypto-currencies. If there is the hope of any investment opportunity in the new world currency revolution. Ethereum was the crux of the matter. I am putting down this post right now because of the analysis that was made. I see that a lot of persons will benefit from this analogies if carefully put to use.
Currently, Ethereum to dollar is about 1=$235. Two weeks ago when we had that discussion it was about 1Ether=$170. Earlier this year 2020, 1Ether=$135.


I am not saying, rush and buy ethereum now; wait for the analysis. then decide if to embark on purchasing ethereum or not.
Of course, there are millionaires and billionaires from bitcoin and the likes. All other coins tend to depend on it. BTC paved the way for anything digital currency.

Is there really hope in the future of digital crypto-currencies? Will any investment ever turn Green again? when do I invest? how do I know the right time to take up my investment? Infact, I am confused about these entire digital things?!


Hold your question and turn in to part2 of this post. I will show both y experience and how I have profited over the years and have made others profit by simple analysis. All that you need to know will be provided here.
Let me see your comments if you find this topic interesting and want more on it. You might WIN a special gift from me.

Ethereum: Invest? YES/NO (Part2) Should I Buy Ethereum?

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