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EndASUUStrikeNow: Nigerian Students Protest

Students of Nigerian Universities have started an online protest against the frequent academic strikes in the country. Using the Hashtag EndASUUStrikeNow, the students are calling for an immediate end to the ongoing ASUU strike and a stop to academic strikes in the country.

The Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities (ASUU) is known for its frequent, prolonged strikes that disrupt the academic calendar of universities. 

Students studying a 4-year course in the University, end up graduating after 6 years due to strikes delay.

The strikes are a result of the failure of ASUU and the federal government to reach a compromise or fulfil agreements concerning the Welfare of University Lecturers. This affects Nigerian students the most, as they lose time, focus, zeal and money due to the strikes.

Furthermore, many students have paid their yearly house rents twice, without spending up to a year in the house. However, when the strike is resolved, the students will not be compensated. Rather, their academic activities are rushed to their detriment.

Some students have also succumbed to carrying out illegal activities as they fear for their financial future.

On February 14, 2022, the Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities embarked on another strike that has lasted to date. Nigerian Students have been at home for more than 2 months with no signs of resuming academic activities soon.


Consequently, Nigerian students are not taking it anymore. They are calling for an immediate end to the strike with the #EndASUUStrikeNow. They want the world to hear their voices.

The President of the National Association of Nigerian Students also joined the online protests. 

He tweeted, “NANS seeks end to ASUU Strike. 

Enough is enough! We must return to Class!! 

The interest of Nigerian students and good Welfarism of students at home and Diaspora is my priority and watchword !!! – Revolutionary President, Asefon Sunday Speaks 



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