elements of a brand identity

3 important elements of a brand identity

Understanding the elements of a brand identity is very important. Why?

Your business should communicate its message from the moment your prospect comes in contact with it whether offline or online.

One way it can do that is by creating a strong brand identity.

Let us discuss: What a brand identity is, and three of its important components.

What is Brand identity?

Brand identity is your business personality. It is how your customers see your brand. It involves the way your business communicates with its audience. What you want that audience to see your business as and how you want them to feel about it.

Yes, your Brand name, logo and tagline are the first ways your business communicates with your audience although it is not limited to these three.

Let’s discuss these concepts of your brand identity.

The 3 important elements of a brand identity

Brand Name:

This is the name applied to your business, service, or product to identify it.

It should communicate the essence of your business and create a mental picture in the minds of your audience. It should be memorable; something people can remember, say, spell and understand.

In fact, a good Brand name helps your business gain recognition and build a loyal fan base.

For instance, Facebook and Twitter are memorable, easy to pronounce brand names. They also create an image that portrays the brand’s purpose in the minds of its audience.

Likewise, Brand names like iPhone have helped Apple gain a loyal fanbase.


This is a catchphrase that brings the brand image to the minds of the audience. It is attention-grabbing and is majorly for advertising.

Above all, It should be short, memorable and could highlight a unique value proposition or the Brand’s mission.

With this in mind, Here are some examples of brands with good Tagline/Slogan are:

Nike: “Just do it” It is short, memorable, inspirational and matches the brand essence.

Uber: “Move the way you want” This creates an image of the brand’s value.

Kentucky fried chicken: “Finger-lickin’ good” This creates an image of the Brand’s essence.

Apple: “Think different” It appeals to customers’ emotions and sells the Brand’s value proposition.

McDonald’s: “I’m lovin’ it” Creates a mental picture of the benefit of choosing the Brand.

PlayStation: “Live in your world, Play in ours” Creates a mental picture of the solution the Brand provides.

Brand logo:

This is a visual representation of your business. It helps your business gain recognition and helps customers remember it. It can be symbols, shapes, text, fonts, images or a combination of these.

Moreover, A good logo should be simple, memorable, relevant, scalable, versatile etc.

Most importantly, it should be in line with business goals and communicate what your brand stands for and does.

To demonstrate, here are some Brands with great logos:






Besides these concepts we have discussed, there are other important aspects of a brand identity. We will discuss them in another article on this blog.

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