Dangote Offers 10M to X TWO J to QUIT music

Aliko Dangote Offers 10M to an Artiste to QUIT music(SEE WHO)

Dangote Offers 10M to X TWO J to QUIT music. The Popular African Richest man and top influencer; has recently offered to give a Nigerian artiste ten million naira (10M) to quit his music career. ThankGod KeleChi Johnny popularly known as X-TWO J had staged a performance, to which Dangote described as a total nude music performance with a fan.

Dangote Offers 10M to X TWO J to QUIT music

He, Aliko Dangote also, added that he is depressed by the kind of music X-Two J produce. A he is willing to give him the sum of TEN MILLION NAIRA (10M) only if he quits music. This tweet was recorded in the billionaire’s twitter handle since 1st October 2018. But, the trend was observed yesterday being 13th October 2019. “Dangote Offers 10M to X TWO J to QUIT music”, Nigerians talked about it to length. Whether this Young lad did accordingly, or resisted, is unknown.


Artiste Biography (Dangote Offers 10M to X TWO J to QUIT music)

ThankGod KeleChi Johnny a.k.a X-TWO J was born in the northern side of Nigeria (Adamawa state) on Sept 18th. But he is from the east side of Nigeria (Abia state).

Started music from his college days at the age of 12. After his college days, he left his family and move to the south-west of Nigeria (Lagos state). The centre of music in Nigeria.

He did a couple of songs including a single titled WINE AM produce by jiggy jeg in 2009.

In his music hustle, he bred around and work with artists and producers like T.K.B, PEPITO, BUCKWYLLA. Also, MR 2KAY, SOLID STAR, JIGGY JEG, PATORANKING, TILLA MAN to mention few.

In 2013 X-TWO j a.k.a LIGHT recorded over 25 songs under his team TML NATION. Which was made of PEPITO, T.K.B and DON G but later the team left each other in 2014.

He has done many collaboration with few underground artistes in Nigeria and abroad. Performed in various shows in Nigeria and in other African countries as an underdog.

He has since been in the pursuit of becoming one of Nigeria best Afro-pop and R&B favourite.

Facebook: X-TWO J twitter:@xtwoj Instagram:@xtwoj

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