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Brand Tone of Voice: What, Why, and How?

Brand tone of voice is an important aspect of brand identity, but what is it? and why is it important?

Brand Tone of Voice: What is it?

Brand tone of voice is the way you communicate your brand message to your audience. It’s not just what you say but how you say it. It includes your choice of words, communication style, and message. It is reflected in the tagline, infographics and copy content.

Let us consider some types of brand tone of voice with examples.

Some types of brand tone of voice include formal, inspirational, optimistic, joyful, friendly, neutral, confident and so on.

For instance, Nike uses a motivational/inspirational tone. Their tagline, “Just do it” clearly reflects this. This tone fits the brand values, products and their audience’s pain point.

Likewise, Ford uses a proud and confident brand tone. The slogans and taglines in their marketing campaigns like “Built Ford Tough” show confidence in their product.

Why is it important?

It helps your brand make a good first impression. The first impression can either bring you a customer or lose prospects. There will be no second time if the first is not good.

A consistent brand tone can help foster brand recognition and familiarity with customers.

It helps customers and prospects trust your brand and boosts its credibility.

It can encourage customer engagement.

Your brand tone can create memories in the mind of your prospect.

Brand Tone of Voice: How to do it right.

Although Your brand tone is based on your brand personality, how do you know what will work best?

To know which brand tone to use, you need to define your target audience and understand them. Know their interests, what they read and how they communicate. Doing this will help you choose a tone they can relate to.

Similarly, identify your brand values, goals, mission and vision. Doing this will help you use a tone in line with your brand values and goals. It will also help you use a tone that communicates your message.

Furthermore, your brand tone should be consistent across business channels, contents and marketing platforms.

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