Bitcoin at $35000 drop
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Cryptonews: Bitcoin at $35000 drop

Bitcoin at $35000 drop: All the top crypto coins have been in total reds. There has been a drastic decrease in, especially, the top 100 crypto coins from yesterday being 21/01/2022 to today being 22/01/2022. Bitcoin at $35,000 drop today, roughly. This is the lowest the world number 1 crypto has gone for the past 6 months. Nevertheless, other coins(altcoins) are all in great decrease today. While some are down with 17% some are down with about 70% range. Although, any slight decrease in bitcoin has always led to some great percentage decrease in altcoins. Many are actually sceptical of the industry right now. While it is a buying opportunity for those who have been awaiting a moment like this to buy their favourite coins.

Speculation has it that, after this bear market of BTC, the next bull run will hit at least $100,000 per bitcoin. Market analyst says that over $1 trillion has been melted to the large decline in crypto within the last 48hours.

Also, remember that bitcoin started out this year at over $40,000 which was seen as a great threshold. As compared to the previous year.

Bitcoin nevertheless, was surprisingly continued to plunge overnight: briefly dropping below $35,000 to a low of $34,420 before beginning a slow rebound on Saturday morning.

It’s still down almost 10% over the past 24 hours, according to CMC, and is currently priced at just under $35,000.

Bitcoin at $35000 drop: Ethereum

Ethereum on the other hand has, as well, dropped really sharply. Following the drop in bitcoin. As of the time of the writing, Etherum current price is at $2,384 per ethereum. That is all the way from over $3200, it started out this year with.

Bitcoin from CMC, has for the past 7days dropped by over 20%. While ethereum has dropped by over 28%. Same with binance smartchain coin. Every other crypto follow suit.

Moreso, the only exception to this has been stable coins. Stable coins like Tether(USDT), USDC, BUSD is not affected by this drop.

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