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binance to binance usdt transfer: How to Successfully Transfer USDT to another Binance user/wallet

Binance to binance usdt transfer is a simple process. But, if one, however, misses even a single word during the transaction, one may lose the entire crypto amount. Nevertheless, there are different ways of carrying out crypto transfers from binance to binance. However, some cost a few transaction fees. While others don’t cost a dime and it’s the same thing.

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This is a way of sending crypto from one binance user to another. For instance, a binance user A decides to send crypto to binance user B.

Now that you understand what I meant. Let’s go on with the process.


There are two ways of binance to binance crypto transfer. Note that, when I say transfer, it’s synonyms for sending and receiving of crypto. These ways are;

  1. Crypto address
  2. Email address/ Phone number

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binance to binance usdt transfer


This way everyone is familiar with it. All transactions carried out through this means cost a fee which varies according to the networks involved. Since our main focus here is usdt let’s handle it accordingly. Although, whatever steps laid here apply to bitcoin, usdt, bnb, Ethereum and any other crypto coin you can think of. Sending crypto via crypto address involves a copy of the public crypto address or scanning of the address directly if the sender is close by. Here are the steps;

  1. Go to your binance
  2. click on wallet
  3. then click on spot wallet
  4. Click on withdraw
  5. select the crypto coin usdt
  6. Paste the address that was sent to you
    Note: This step is very important as any mistake here could result in the loss of crypto. Ensure the network selected is the same as the one the address sent. inquire this from the receiver of the network they sent the address on. While erc20 could cost the least $10 in fee, bep20 is $0.80, Tron(trc20) $1, and many other networks. mistakes in the network of the receiver will result in loss.
  7. enter the amount you want to send and click withdraw
  8. A verification code is sent to both email and phone numbers. Copy and paste them respectively.
  9. Good job. you have successfully sent crypto to another binancian.

Binance to binance usdt transfer: EMAIL/ PHONE NUMBER METHOD

In this case, all needed is the email of the other binance user. This, however, cost zero fees. Nevertheless, the other user must send their correct binance email. Here is how it goes;

  1. Open your binance app
  2. Go to the wallet and click spot wallet
  3. click on transfer to move the crypto from your spot wallet to p2p wallet. That is if the usdt coin is in spot wallet
  4. when your funds are in p2p wallet, click on transfer
  5. This time click on send
  6. Enter the receiver(destination email address) or phone number in the corresponding sections.
    Note: Ensure that the receiver email is correctly entered.
  7. Choose the crypto coin which is usdt, enter the amount, and
  8. Click confirm
  9. Enter the code sent to your email and phone number in their corresponding sections
  10. Hurray, you have successfully sent your usdt to another binance user.

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