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The best loan site in Nigeria(Kwikmoney)

Are you wondering why Kwikmoney is said to be the best loan site in Nigeria. We just got started. Loan sites in Nigeria are so many: Some require monbile app. While the others might just need one to connect to the internet. Kwikmoney is said to be the number one loan site in Nigeria for a number of reasons. We will see that shortly. One can also regard it as, site to borrow money in Nigeria at any time, Instant loan site in Nigeria, site to loan money in nigeria, the best among other quick loan sites in nigeria. Better still a fast loan site.

Getting loan from Kwikmoney literally takes less than 5 mins to get the money, if found illegible. One does not need collateral to get loan. The process is just succinct.

Steps to getting a Loan from kwikmoney

Let us see some of those qualities that made them the best loan site in Nigeria;

best loan site
best loan site
  • Enter your phone number in point where it is required above and summit.

All you need to get a loan on kwikmoney is your phone number. Should you require to pay it back, it is still your phone number you need to login to the site. There is nothing as such as registration.

Loan is determined by the usage on the line. So, loan is not offered to any randomly registered line.

  • When you click on the proceed button. An OTP will be sent to the provided number. provide the OTP in the given box and hit the PROCEED button.
Loan money without collateral
Loan money without collateral

Security issues: This is the reason why you do not leave your phone number to any random persons. or Accept to receive money for any random person you do not know. Kwikmoney literally makes use of only phone number and then later, the account number you wish to receive the money in. So any random person can decide to use a stolen phone to get loan, then receive it with a victim’s account.

  • When you are In, the screen shots below shows how the interface looks like. To get a loan all you need to do is click on check loan offer. If you already had a loan, there will be a repay loan option on the dashboard.

If you already had a loan you will see the option below

  • When you check loan offer, good number of options will be displayed. The amounts definite differs with phone numbers.
  • Click on the amount you want to lend.
  • enter the account number you want to receive the money.
  • Click proceed, and the ,money will be deposited into your account immediately.

Terms And Repay Option

These are some of their terms and conditions:

  • The loan is for a 14 days basis and at 20% interest.
  • one is meant to pay back before or on the 14th day from when the loan was issued.
  • For one to pay back, they have to log back into the site the same when they did logged in before to acquire the loan.
  • There have several pay back options. Just as displayed in the screen shot below.
repay loan
repay loan
  • Ones chances of getting another loan increase each time a loan is repaid successfully.
  • If one is not able to pay back after 14 days, the loan is automatically extended by the next day by same 20% on the same amount with a default fee of 1000 Naira only.
  • If after the second extension, one is still not able to pay back, they will face a disciplinary actions: they will be reported to credit bureau of statistic and a message will be sent to all the contacts of that individual stating they are owing money on kwikcash. And they are not able to pay back. this is the highest level of disgrace if I must say.
  • Nevertheless, the platform has a very prompt customer care which listen and do whatever one tells them to do. As long as it agrees with their terms of service.

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