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Best Binary Forex Trading Bot (Robot)

There has been a couple of questions ranging from; what is the best forex robot? Also, what is the best binary option bot? what is the best Binary Forex Trading bot? best forex bot? Best forex trading bot? and more. First of all, I will try my best to answer those questions here and right now. Before you read on, note, that there is no such thing as 100% zero loss definition bot yet! There could be 60-98%. Moreover, What matters is the tendency for the bot to carry out the money management algorithm such that the ROR is as efficient as expected by the trader. Using a bot on a binary site to determine its level of accuracy and dependency also depends on the trading the site you are operating with.

In as much as there are so many options in the market; many have been considered as a scam. As they have been blacklisted to have carried out some fraudulent activities on clients. That is a post for another day. There are regulated binary options trading site, which mode of operations is strictly monitored by the forex trading regulatory board. Be sure you check out my next post to see that. What I am saying is, having the right broker constitute about 50% to be sure if the function of the bot is right as it is. Or it is being manipulated.

Operation mode

Another thing is, all bot does not operate on the same strategy( TRADE TYPE). The performance of a bot can be rated based on the trade type it operates. What I am saying is, there is some trade type that gives you 9 chances of WINNING and one chance of losing. A bot in that area could be working on a 98% basis without any lost. MEANWHILE, some other trade type needs about 50-50 kind of chance. Their profits per trade differ too.

Furthermore, Whatever the case may be, what matters to the trader is the return per trade or per day-trading. But, what most traders fail to ask for how well is the bot algorithm in culminating money management. Especially, for that period of fluctuation. What is its fall back like? Or How well does the bot acknowledge profit made and then be able to come to a halt before the daunting period on the market? Well, the list that will be given to you has all these features CHECKED. That is why it is called the best bot.

Here we are; Best Binary Forex Trading bot!!!

Based on our extensive testing, usage, experience and other experiences. Here is the list of the best Binary Forex Trading bot with the highest rate of return.

Robot trading on stock market. Artificial intelligence of forex broker with analyzing business charts with investment financial data. Computer software of trade on stock exchange. Cyborg trader.
  1. Barinua Tradex Pro: This is the Best Binary Forex Trading bot; this bot has generated more testimonials from clients and it’s about a year old. Within the one year, it has served over close to a thousand users even though the marketing started about 6 months ago. Of course, the developer took some months off to make themselves some cash before sharing it with the public. This bot operates only on and It uses the trade type Up and down. And it is coded with the latest AI to automatically switch in an adverse situation while making that, profit is ensured. Nevertheless, You can read more about it here.
    ORDERING ADDRESS: Cynba store AND Binary shop

2. Bambi DOB: This bot work on a totally different strategy with a higher algorithm. It is considered, as one of the best DIGIT bot ever made now. Here are more details on it.



Comment your experience if you’ve used any of them.

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