balogun market lagos Island on fire

BREAKING NEWS: Balogun Market On Fire at Lagos Island(PHOTOS and Videos)

A report just came in stating that the popular balogun market at Lagos Island is on fire at the time of this report

Buildings are reportedly under fire at the same Balogun market that got razed earlier today. According to reports another building said to be at Dosunmu street in the same Balogun market they currently being gutted by fire.

An incident happened this morning that saw the popular Balogun Market in Lagos Island razed by inferno as buildings near the market were engulfed by wild flames of fire that rapidly spread into the main market. In a video released this morning, it was a scene of chaos and agony as store owners could be seen calling for help. The fire is so serious that no one has been able to attempt putting a stop to it, as the buildings a overwhelmingly tall.

balogun market lagos Island on fire
balogun market lagos Island on fire

An eye witness said, “A fire outbreak happened at Idumota Market In Lagos island while people were struggling to save their families and friends and pack their goods .Some Guys were actually robbing people cos of the disorderliness at that period .”

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