Russia vs Ukraine War

Russia vs Ukraine War

Russia vs Ukraine War: The Russian vs Ukraine war all started as a joke and it’s now a full and ugly reality. While majority seems to be sympathetic with the Ukrainian ranging from the fact that Russians attacked first. However, the Russian is believed to have superior power over Ukrainians, in military conquest. Russia vs […]

Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal gone wrong
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Pre-Valentine Marriage Proposal gone wrong[VIDEO]

The rate of breakup recently is apparently on the high. As both old and new relationships seem to experience more breakups around valentine season. This could be attributed to a lot of reasons. Majorly, social pressure. Nevertheless, the marriage proposal breakups aspect is on another level. In fact, talking about the public proposal where the […]

Binance letter to Nigerians
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Binance letter to Nigerians

Binance letter to Nigerians: The CEO of binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), has responded to the allegation made by Nigerians about binance scamming Nigerians. The hashtag, #binancestopscammingNigerians, stayed on the Twitter trend table for more than 48hours. This trend revealed so many things such as cases that many other users have kept mute about. Many, nevertheless, […]

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Coinmarketcap review

Coinmarketcap is known as the number one place to make findings of new crypto in the entire world. The word,’Coinmarketcap’ is simply coined from the words coin market capitalization. Besides coingecho, coinmarket cap can be said to be a market where you can search for both bad and good coins. Coinmarketcap features all coins, tokens, […]