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 In line with our efforts to bring better trading experience to our customers, we are rebranding to Deriv – a customer-centric trading platform that is simple, flexible and reliable. Clients can use their Binary.com log in credentials to Deriv.    As part of our rebranding, we are bringing all your favourite Binary.com platforms to Deriv.  On that note, we would like […]

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Binary Options: The best entry strategy and what are the best services

Binary options beat all other trading methods.  Why binary options online trading?  Why this Online Platform?  You have many questions.  This is ok.  We have many answers! What are binary options and how does work? Here is a new trading instrument – binary options.  It allows you to open short-term trades and enjoy up to […]

dont leave me challenge
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Don’t leave me challenge

There is a viral trend going around now, called the Don’t leave me challenge. This, ‘don’t leave me challenge’ culminates an individual sharing ‘wisdom’ by making meaning out of matching two or more homophones together. Don’t leave me challenge has really taken a tour on the internet. As both celebrities like Brother Shaggi, DJ cuppy, […]