Pythagoras (circa 570-495BC)
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Top 10 Mathematicians are personalities the world can not stop talking about. Mathematics is a powerful tool that has affected the world positively since inception. Without Mathematics, most great inventions would not have had a strong root. In fact, technology and modern age is borne from the various application of mathematical formulas. Pythagoras (circa 570-495BC) Pythagoras […]

Education an agent of liberation

PUPILS RECEIVES FREE GCE FORM, Education an agent of liberation

Education an agent of liberation. Education has done so much good to the society. Affecting our world positively aiding and developing means of communication, transportation. As well as, technology, health system, economic strategies, banking system, security sectors, etc. A nation, without education is like a tree been cut down. Which begins to fade gradually until […]

Nigeria Students shines at CFO
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Students of Nigeria shines at CFO Global Competition 2019

Indeed, the students has always shown fourth an outstanding performance when it comes to academic. Nigerian students shine at CFO Global Competition 2019 in Both national and international academic works. Demonstrating uniqueness at the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Global Case Study Competition (fourth edition) 2019, organized by the Charterquest Institute, South Africa. Four (4) Nigerian […]