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10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDN’T GIVE UP Motivation (8 will shock you)

Thousands commit suicide yearly because they felt it is over, many refuses to further their education and drop out of school, diverse divorce in marriage daily due to misunderstanding among spouse, lot of youth withdrawing from unfinished job (task) because they are not encouraged, millions wailing daily from distress and weariness and many may ask why am I existing? Why should I further ahead? Or Why didn’t I die when my mama gave birth to me? Why all this suffering? And Why, why and why?


Reason why you shouldn’t give up.

1. You did not bring yourself into being or existence: no human existed by his will or decision to come to earth. But, God does so. He (GOD), embedded all the required resources, abilities, skills that you need to prevail in life in you, so GOD is aware of all his creation and plan good and not evil for them.

2. If what you do or stand for is right, victory is sure: if you part take in evil don’t expect good success, what you sow is what you will actually reap. If you are really doing the right thing no matter how your advancement seems to be delayed. It will surely come, and you will smile again if you don’t give up.

3. You may be very close to your destination: Many fade off at the verge of being successful and they may not recover again from their decision of turning back till they live the planet. So, don’t give up you may be very close.

4. Many are looking up to you (family, friends, community and your generation): Many individuals are connected to you, if you fail, you probably failed and disappoint them. So, thousand wait for your support, you don’t have to give up.

5. If you fail to do your part it may remain vacant: Every human was assigned a portion to carry out in support to humanities. So, if you fail to do yours, who will do it?

6. Many experienced what you are in and overcame it: The challenge you face is not strange; many have gone through what is more than what you are facing, and they overcame. So, pick up and move on.


7. You are in a battlefield:  you must stand up for your life and know and understand now that you are in a battlefield. If you fail you will not win, many wolves snare around looking for prey to devour and they have done that to many. You are different intimate yourself to the right part and fight well.

8. Many watch out to see your downfall: There are so many jesters, who want to see your downfall they come in sheep clothing, but they are wolves, don’t be their prey. So, get up and encourage yourself and move on.

9. It meant to shape you and bring out the best of you: Just as the gold has to go through a very high degree of heat to be purify for it worth, so the challenges you face and experience shape and prepare you for the best manifestation in the future.

10. You have something extraordinary to offer: therefore, You weren’t born empty but with a lot of packages to use for your development and liberation of humankinds for the betterment of our sphere.

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